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What Ransomware Can Do To Your PC?

Thursday , 13, August 2020 Comments Off on What Ransomware Can Do To Your PC?

Ransomware is a virus that bounds you from using your PC. It holds your folders, files, or the entire hard drive for "ransom." It is as scary as it sounds and is a method used by hackers to lock you out of your device and demands a ransom in return to regain access. Such a virus puts you in an uncomfortable situation, and the trend of this virus has truly developed in recent years. You can also get the law share ransomware protection services to protect your PC.

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There are different types of Ransomware, but the main objective of all these viruses is to limit you from using your PC and will ask you to do something in return before you can use your computer. These viruses can target any computer, whether it is an enterprise network or home computers, all are targeted for personal gains.

Ransomware can:

  • Stop some apps from running
  • Encrypt files so you cannot use them
  • Restricting you from accessing the Windows

Ransomware is of two types such as Encryption Ransomware and Lock Screen Ransomware.

Encryption ransomware: It encrypts and replaces important files. Doing this makes it impossible for you to access those files or PC.

Lock-screen ransomware: This shows a message full-screen that restricts you from accessing your files or PCs. It further states that you will have to pay money or a ransom to access your PC again.