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Tips On How To Choose A Cigar

Wednesday , 29, September 2021 Comments Off on Tips On How To Choose A Cigar

Whether you are a cigar connoisseur or a beginner, choosing the right cigar for your taste is very important. Stepping into a cigar store for the first time can be overwhelming. You can also visit to buy the high-quality cigars in Tampa.

With cigars differing in quality and price, how can you tell which one is right for you? These quick tips can help you find a good quality cigar to bring back to the man-cave.

1. Cigar packaging

What's the packaging? The packaging – the "skin" of the cigar – shouldn’t be loose where it’s rolled, and the casing must also not be damaged. If there is a crack, back away. The cigarettes are too dry. Dry cigars aren't the end of the world, but it may be a while before you return to your original smoking studio.

Cracks cause uneven pulling or leave packaging residue in the mouth or, in the worst case, make the cigar smoke-free. They are also a sign that the cigar is not being cared for properly.

2. Cigar color

Is the packaging durable? Pay close attention to any odd discoloration on the packaging. If there are white spots, it could be fungus. Mold is an aficionado’s worst nightmare and getting rid of your humidor can be very difficult. If there is a light white powder in the cigar, it should be fine. It's probably just the hair on the tobacco leaf.

If there are small spots of light green or dark, that's also not a problem. These are likely just imperfections in the leaves as they ferment. If there are too many of the spots are large,  discard them and look at the next one.