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OSHA’s Hazardous Spills Training

Wednesday , 9, September 2020 Comments Off on OSHA’s Hazardous Spills Training

Dangerous spills can occur in almost any facility. Even if your facility has a slim chance of this happening, your employees need training on how to react in hazardous situations. OSHA defines five levels of training for hazardous waste operations and emergency management.

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First Responder Awareness

This level includes all persons who enter the facility, including someone who is not normally exposed to chemicals, including private offices. These employees need four hours of training and learning the basics of chemicals at the facility and their risks. You will also learn how to identify emergencies and who to turn to.

First rescue operation

This level is intended for workers whose job it is to prevent the spread of spills and to keep unauthorized personnel away from spills. Employees at this level must complete 8 hours of training. You will learn terms about hazardous substances and risk assessments.

Hazardous Materials Technician

These workers actually enter the overflow area and stop scattering material. Hazardous substances technicians require 24 hour training. Your training will cover chemical and toxicological hazards as well as risk assessment techniques.

You will also learn to use field research tools to identify hazardous materials, overflow control techniques, plug leakage containers, and complex decontamination procedures.

Hazardous materials specialist

Hazardous materials specialists are experts in handling all hazardous materials at your construction site and work closely with federal, state, local and other government officials where necessary. You will receive 24-hour classroom training, including in-depth training in chemical, radiological and toxicological hazards.