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How to Make Efficient Use of Space and Maximize Your Crops Productivity?

Tuesday , 25, January 2022 Comments Off on How to Make Efficient Use of Space and Maximize Your Crops Productivity?

Growing a backyard garden can be a challenge when limited space is an issue. It's not as big a problem as you think. The method known as sequential planting is the most effective and efficient way to solve this problem. With a little planning, you can have enough time during the growing season to grow two or more crops in the same location.

Gardeners deal with two different types of plants. There are plants that need a full growing season to produce crops and there are plants that only need a part of the growing season to produce crops. You can hop over to this site for navigating crop production activity.

Planting sequentially with minimal planning allows you to take advantage of a planting location that doesn't require a full season by planting another crop in that location when the growing season ends.

There are four main ways to plant sequentially and get a healthy and productive harvest. For starters, you can choose plants whose varieties ripen at different times of the growing season. 

Second, you can start a frost-resistant crop a few weeks in advance, then another mid-season harvest, and a third harvest in the fall. The third method is known as crossing. 

Here one grows two or more non-competing crops at the same time, preferably with different ripening dates, and the fourth option is to plant the same crops at intervals rather than all at once. This allows them to grow in a smaller space throughout the season.