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How Laser Therapy Can Be Used To Treat Hair Loss

Tuesday , 8, December 2020 Comments Off on How Laser Therapy Can Be Used To Treat Hair Loss

Millions of dollars are spent every year on methods to prevent hair damage and regrow hair. These involve topical medications that don't necessarily work for everybody, prescription medications, and painful hair surgeries. But there's an option that a lot of people should try – cold laser treatment. You may get many clinics that offer best cold laser treatment in NJ.

How Can Hair Loss Be Treated with Lasers?

Briefly, laser treatment treats baldness by stimulating the scalp. The lasers used are low-level lasers that don't supply enough heat to burn off or create the skin.

This sort of laser produces a beam of light that can go through the skin's top stories so the containers from the scalp can get the light. This is called phototherapy and is considered to improve the operation of the cells.

This light energy boosts the procedure that fixes weak hair follicles. Blood flow is increased and the damaging effects of a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, (DHT), are blocked. DHT is what makes the hair follicles stop making hair.

Whilst laser treatment for hair loss does excite the dwelling follicles which have been weakened so that they can once more produce hair, the process can't do anything for follicles that have completely died.

The remedies are also temporary, which makes it necessary for routine laser treatments spread over six months to annually.

The therapy sessions are short, ranging from 20 to 30 minutes and there's absolutely no downtime after a treatment. Additionally, there are no side effects. The patient may feel a slight tingling sensation in the scalp during treatment due to the increased blood flow which the laser causes.