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Digital Strategy and Planning:-Defining an Interactive Vision

Thursday , 6, August 2020 Comments Off on Digital Strategy and Planning:-Defining an Interactive Vision

Corporate investment in Internet-oriented marketing and sales initiatives over the last 15 years has grown to almost nothing annually in large companies since the mid-90s. Today, digital activities drive the gamut from multi-functional websites, search and email marketing, banner advertising, web-enabled multimedia, and, of course, social media.

This seismic increase in spending is not without good reason: digital marketing functions – for new customer acquisition, lead generation, and brand building. However, given the speed with which the interactive marketplace has evolved, it should come as no surprise that many organizations now find themselves with a dispersed, disgruntled digital marketing operation that lacks central vision and usable measurement systems.

Digital Strategy and Planning:-Defining an Interactive Vision

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Because of this, advertising and sales executives find themselves unable to invent, quantify, monitor, and maximize the operations of Scattershot interactive applications – which has the full attention of the entire company leadership group.

Old Approaches Ineffective

We hear again and again from disgruntled customers, "The interactive world moves so fast – we always struggle to create a sense of what we are doing now while preparing for the future" although the exact one The same can be said of the many operational areas of the company, the electronic approach is rife with unique challenges, mostly thanks to continuing competitive investment in the industry.

Business realities, however, demand regular preparation – in explosive environments characterized by endless doubt and continuous change. Digital surgeries that lack a significant framework for preparation, implementation, and measurement frequently display the following symptoms:

Misalignment. Top-performing digital strategies are integrated with marketing, sales, and operations; efficiencies are difficult to realize without a defined vision.

Leakage. Weak measurement and optimization techniques inevitably result in under-performing interactive investments; and, reactive tactics are costly and fleeting.

Missed Opportunities. Under-performing digital marketing teams aren't able to identify changes in marketplace conditions in a timely manner and quickly capitalize on opportunities to take advantage of competitor missteps.

Digital strategy building blocks

Although the digital medium provides managers with a difficult array of exciting new tools and technologies, it has not fundamentally changed the way most organizations do business. As such, digital strategies need to be considered in the context of the organization's top-line objectives

Corporate / device / merchandise plan

Marketing strategy

Offline advertising versus Internet Marketing

Digital infrastructure

Digital marketing

Integrated applications / study / user expertise / site / internet traffic / analytics