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Becoming a Qualified Bookkeeper

Thursday , 15, October 2020 Comments Off on Becoming a Qualified Bookkeeper

The role of a Bookkeeper would be to record monetary transactions regularly and in doing so provide accurate current information that enables the business to know precisely how well it is doing concerning how much it owes, how much it's owed and how far it has or has not obtained in terms of capital and assets. 

Bookkeeping is based on an ancient formula and process that once learned can be applied to businesses of any sort.

Bookkeeping is now a fast-growing career.

New businesses open for trading every single day of this year and as it's a legal requirement in the UK for a company to keep accurate current records, qualified bookkeepers are in high demand.

Bookkeeping is exciting, challenging and most importantly, rewarding. I attended a recent ICB member's seminar at which it was established that some self-employed bookkeepers were getting in the region of 45 per hour. Self-Employed Bookkeeper Hourly Rate in The UK is the most popular thing.

That is still a lot less than an Accountant will earn however there are gaps in what a Bookkeeper supplies in comparison to an Accountant. But at the end of the day, this is one of the reasons why Bookkeeping is a growing profession.

Young people fresh from college or college can achieve professional qualifications that will open up a completely new universe of business understanding to them. Individuals with disabilities find it to be a profession that suits perfectly around a compromised lifestyle, as do parents bringing up a family.

The largest advantage being flexibility and also the prospect of having the ability to work at home.