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What are the Advantages of Laminating a Print Job?

Monday , 4, April 2022 Comments Off on What are the Advantages of Laminating a Print Job?

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You might have seen various products laminated like presentation folders, postcards, packages, business cards, and book covers. Two common reasons for using lamination are aesthetics and extra protection to the item. A matte lamination offers a silky and smooth finish while the glossy lamination improves the vibrancy and richness of colours. But before you get your printed collaterals laminated, here’s what you should know.

Do you need to write on it?

On gloss lamination, writing is not easy and the ink doesn’t stick on the top. But you can use a ball pen to write on a matte finish.

Should you get 1 side or both sides of the sheet laminated?

Laminating just 1 side of the sheet will allow moisture on the unlaminated side. With time, covers will start curling with curls being more noticeable on lighter papers.

Is it essential to consider corporate colours?

A milky finish is often overlooked in a matte lamination. While colours are important for branding, you can use glass lamination if those are too critical.

What paper thickness to choose?

Celloglazing (laminating) is normally suitable for paper stocks above 170gsm. Anything below the weight can fold when it goes via the machine.

Can some parts be left unlaminated on a page?

It doesn’t seem easily practical to laminate parts of a page. If you need part lamination, you can get the same done through other procedures available for the purpose.

Not all printed collaterals are laminated and you should consider their application and purpose to decide. However, if you feel confused, you can contact professional commercial printers near me for suggestions.