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Volvo Heavy-Duty Trucks: The Evolution

Wednesday , 23, March 2022 Comments Off on Volvo Heavy-Duty Trucks: The Evolution

Volvo Group will celebrate its anniversary next year. The remarkable history of Volvo Group is filled with notable events. Volvo's first heavy-duty diesel truck was produced many years ago. 

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Welcome to Volvo Trucks

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Let's look at the evolution of long-haul offerings from Volvo, the second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks.

The turning point in Volvo engines:

1946 was a landmark year in Volvo's history. The company was primarily focused on Hesselman engines up until that point, even though the diesel motor was far superior. 

Volvo Vikings' era:

The Viking series was Volvo Trucks' most significant triumph. The series' symbolic nature is what the company attributes to its success. It's about the letter 'V' that initiates both the brand name and the model name. 

It also reflects the authentic 'Scandinavian origin' that was so characteristic for both Volvo and ancient Viking vehicles.

New Era-Truly global Volvo trucks:

Despite some F-trucks being marketed overseas, the N-type (conventional trucks) has always been the preferred truck in the markets. Volvo provided the N10/12 or NL10/12 series for these areas. 

These offers were received enthusiastically, especially in Brazil. It was due to its excellent adhesion to ground that the N family gained wide acceptance, which allowed for impressive cross-country mobility.

The Present: One family, many versions:

The FH was preceded in this way by the F-series. It featured one of two new automatic transmissions systems, the Powertronic or the Geartronic. These were both developed by Volvo in the 80s. 

FH innovations such as the Volvo Engine Brake (VEB), an FH invention that incorporated a driver airbag into a truck, and the FH16, which had a powerful engine producing 420 and 540 horsepower (the FH12 and the FH16).