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Tips to Make Your Own Baby Food at Home

Tuesday , 3, November 2020 Comments Off on Tips to Make Your Own Baby Food at Home

Baby is in a high chair, mom in front with a small spoon and a jar of baby food. It looks like something out of a parenting magazine, and the scene being played out several times a day in most homes with small babies. Unfortunately, it's also a powerful marketing image that can cost a family a lot of money in the long run.

Trading tools

Fancy equipment isn't necessary to make healthy food for your baby. Things that might be helpful include a baby food blender food mill, a steamer basket, and ice cube trays if you want to freeze small portions. Most people have blenders already in their kitchens, and baby grinders that are not necessary if you have a good baby food blender or food processor. 


Many doctors recommend starting your baby on rice cereal first. Many parents find, however, that fruits go better to start eating. It is a myth that babies will prefer sweet things if they are given fruits first – nature's first food, breast milk, is naturally sweet, and that infants are accustomed to. Banana is a wonderful first food, as a creamy consistency similar to mother's milk.

After getting banana, try another fruit or vegetable. Continue adding fruits and vegetables until the baby has a wide range of tastes. Then consider adding whole grains in the form of cereals. Many whole grains have naturally occurring iron, so no need to supplement the baby's iron unless there is a medical indication for doing so. Brown rice, oats, barley, are all good choices. Next, introduce a lump of meat or poultry such as beef or chicken.