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Purchase Purified Bottled Water

Thursday , 25, November 2021 Comments Off on Purchase Purified Bottled Water

Most people recognize the importance of drinking plenty of water to maintain health, avoid dehydration, and function well. Your body mass, size, climate, and level of activity will all affect the amount of water that you require. Most medical experts recommend that you drink six to eight large glasses of water per day. Many firms like Pacific Allied Products can help you in finding the best bottled water.

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These medical tips have been a key factor in the marketing campaigns used by bottled water suppliers to promote the product. Although the bottled water market is relatively new, it is still a huge industry. Between 1997 and 2005, sales of bottled water more than doubled. Each year, more than 200 billion bottles are sold worldwide.

This is a lot of plastic bottles that are being thrown away. According to current estimates, only a quarter of the bottles are recycled. Rest end up in the landfill. It has a significant environmental impact. According to estimates, if all the empty bottles were lined up side by side, they would travel 56 miles.

Concerning is also the carbon emissions that are produced during the production and transportation of the bottles to their destination. It is a shocking fact that the bottles require three times more water to produce than the amount they contain when shipped.

To put it mildly: Bottled water is an environmental disaster. You may be more concerned about your health than the planet's, which can be understandable in some cases. This logic has a flaw. There is no evidence to support the claim that bottled water is better for your health than plain tap water.