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Principle And Advantages of Ozone Water Treatment Equipment In Canada

Wednesday , 9, June 2021 Comments Off on Principle And Advantages of Ozone Water Treatment Equipment In Canada

Ozone water treatment is an Ozone sterilization application. It has several advantages over other disinfectants.

1. With unmatched bacteria-killing ability, Ozone water sterilizer can kill up to ninety-nine percent of bacteria. For more information, you can check the advantages of the ozone sanitization process online.

2. Ozone water sterilizer offers a variety of treatment processes. It can destroy almost all kinds of bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

3. Does not cause second pollution. Ozone can only be controlled without the addition of chemicals in such a way that bacteria and viruses are killed, which does not pollute the water and the environment or change the components of the water.

4. Safe and reliable. Conventional disinfectants such as chloride disinfectants are inherently highly toxic, flammable and explosive. However, this does not apply to ozone sterilization which is great for Polish operators, local residents and the environment.

5. Easy to use and maintain with low cost. With a treatment rate of one thousand tons, four cents per tonne of water is spent.

6. Can sterilize water continuously for a small amount of water (ten liters of water per hour) or a large amount of water for 24 hours, this is the uniqueness of today's ultraviolet rays.

7. It has a wide range of uses. Can sterilize from fresh water to sea water, from drinking water to lost water. It can be used in a variety of areas where sterilization is required, such as water in agricultural processing, electrons, medicine, bio-industry, beverages, military bases and submarines, to name a few.