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Know All About Eye Doctors

Wednesday , 20, January 2021 Comments Off on Know All About Eye Doctors

Ophthalmologists are eye doctors who are trained in the medical and surgical care of our eyes as well as prevent eye problems from occurring. They have finished a four-year course in pre-medical education and continued on for four more years of medical school. Afterward, they go on an internship for a year and study for three more years for specialization. You can also get the best eye care services via

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Optometrists on the other hand are eye care providers who examine, diagnose, and treat eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, cataracts, and retinal disorders.

Additionally, they also do the testing on patient's eyes and look at their ability to focus their eyes, see colors and depth properly. They are also the ones responsible for prescribing contact lenses and eyeglasses to people who need them.

In most cases, an ophthalmologist is a professional eye doctor in Indianapolis who is allowed and licensed to make surgeries on patients' eye problems. They can give patients total eye care as opposed to optometrists who can only do limited procedures in patient's eyes.

With this information in hand, you should know who to go for when you are having eye problems. Generally, if you are going to need eye surgeries, it is best to look for ophthalmologists.