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Is your child suffering from anger problems?

Monday , 6, September 2021 Comments Off on Is your child suffering from anger problems?

Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons recently published a report that found children with anger problems were more likely than others to struggle with their emotions until age 30. These same children are more likely to develop destructive behaviors, such as alcohol and drug abuse, criminal behavior, and domestic violence.

If you suspect that your child is suffering from anger problems, you should use anger management techniques to help them manage these intense emotions. You can also contact teenage counseling from

Being a role model is the best way to influence your child's behavior. However, if your child already has signs of anger problems, you will need to teach them how to cope. Parents need to recognize when their child is likely to get angry. Then, they should take steps to stop the anger episode from becoming a permanent behavior trait.

Your child is suffering from "Anger Overload" It is important to know the difference between a normal tantrum and what psychiatrists call "anger overload" in order to understand this anger management symptom. 

An anger overload child will experience prolonged periods of angry thoughts and behavior. A normal tantrum lasts for only a few moments, while an anger overload child will have a prolonged period of intense anger. It is important to know if your child is experiencing anger overload.