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Hammertoes- Its Symptoms and Treatment in Towson

Friday , 25, September 2020 Comments Off on Hammertoes- Its Symptoms and Treatment in Towson

Hammertoe is the abnormal bending of one or more joints of the toes. This can be caused by wearing improper footwear, where problems are developed while putting pressure on the front part of the foot.

Hammertoes usually start off as mild deformities and make progressively worse as time passes. If left untreated, hammertoes may eventually become more inflexible. Get the treatment done for Hallux Valgus in Towson from a well-known podiatrist.


Some of the causes of Hammertoe:

The most usual source of hammertoe is a muscle/tendon imbalance. This imbalance, which contributes to bending of this toe, results in mechanical (structural) or neural impacts from the foot which exist overtime in certain people.

Hammertoes could possibly be aggravated by shoes that don't fit precisely. As a result, your toe is forced to be in a cramped position every time a tight shoe is worn out. So carefully buy the shoes which fit in better shape.

Sometimes, a hammertoe could be the end result of any prior injury that happens to your toe. In certain cases, hammertoes are also inherited. That means in your family one or the other person has this disease which becomes incurable over time.

Consider It’s Symptoms:

  1. Pain or aggravation of the toe when you wear athletic shoes.

  2. Corns and calluses (a buildup of skin) on the foot, involving 2 feet or over the ball of the foot. 

  3. Inflammation, a burning sensation.

  4. Contracture of the toe and other fingers.

  5. In more acute cases of hammertoe, open sores can also form.

Get the best treatment in Towson according to the foot problem. No matter what type of disease your foot is facing, it can be cured in an easy way and with proper medication.