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Get The Eyelashes You Desire

Thursday , 14, January 2021 Comments Off on Get The Eyelashes You Desire

Have you ever sat there and imagined how celebrities get flawless looks? Certainly not depending on their genes to get enough sleep. You can achieve this look with great makeup artists and products, but the good thing is that you can create this look in the comfort of your own home.

All you need to get the big, bold eyes that you want are just a good pair of false lashes and some great eye makeup. Choosing the right false lash style for your eyes may take some time, but there will be a lash style that works just for you.

When you wear false lashes, you want to remember that you want to compliment your eyes, don't overdo it. Some lashes have glue pre-applied so you can attach them directly to the lids without having to mix them with glue. You can even buy eyelash extension glue separately through various online sources.

You can also get the lashes you need to glue on yourself and some people find it easier to apply. Below are some tips and tricks on how to easily groom your false lashes.

First of all, you want to make sure you have all the tools you need. You will need false lashes, glue, a mirror, scissors, and tweezers. Make sure to use all other makeup before applying lashes, especially the liquid eyeliner that covers the gap between natural and fake lashes.

Then you want to take the lashes out of the package and place them over your eyes to see if they fit. If not, you'll need to cut it to size with your scissors.

If you are happy with the length, you will need to apply glue to the back of your lashes and wait about 30 seconds for the glue to stick.

After the glue dries a little, place the lashes as close to the natural lashes as possible on the lids. Squeeze them both with the tweezers, then pull your lashes together. If you are not happy with the position of your lashes, exfoliate them gently and start again.