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Fda Raises Safety Warnings Against Popular Drug Prescribed During Pregnancy

Monday , 7, December 2020 Comments Off on Fda Raises Safety Warnings Against Popular Drug Prescribed During Pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration points to the risks of popular pregnancy treatments for preventing preterm birth in pregnant women. According to the FDA, pregnant women should not take the drug terbutaline (as an injection) for more than three days.

The FDA has issued stricter safety warnings against this pregnancy drug "because of the potential for serious heart problems and maternal death." This pregnancy drug now requires the most serious type of warning the FDA can add to a drug label – a box warning. You can get more information regarding federal supply schedule via            

In addition, the FDA has warned doctors, gynecologists, and obstetricians not to prescribe any form of terbutaline (injections and pills) for "any treatment for preterm birth." Even these pregnancy medicine pills carry the same risks and have not been proven to be effective.

The FDA only approves terbutaline for the treatment of certain respiratory diseases. However, many doctors prescribe this drug to treat premature babies. The general practice is that once a drug is approved by the FDA, doctors can use it to treat any disease they see fit. Likewise, many obstetricians prescribe terbutaline for pregnant women.

Many pregnant women receive this drug continuously via a terbutaline pump for weeks. Some strongly support the use of this drug in pregnant women carrying twins and triplets, because they are at higher risk of preterm birth.