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Fashionable Socks Are a Great Way For Men to Jazz Up Their Formal Wear

Wednesday , 18, November 2020 Comments Off on Fashionable Socks Are a Great Way For Men to Jazz Up Their Formal Wear

Fashionable socks, with unique designs and exciting colors, are a useful fashion accessory for men. Although not always displayed, a subtle hint of color and pattern when visible really draws attention. Because most men wear a plain pair of socks, a cool, modern pair demonstrates unmatched attention to detail.

Fashionable socks are suitable for both casual and formal wear but are perhaps most useful for livening up a suit and tie. In this article, I will look at the different patterns and styles like stripes, spots, cashmere, rhombuses, and florals.

Striped socks are the most popular style of men's fashion socks, a pattern that is widely used in contemporary fashion. The stripes can range from very subtle to large and bold, making for a very versatile pattern. To know more about mens ankle socks, you may visit

All of their products feature the 'strip' brand, which is made up of fine stripes of subtle browns mixed with vibrant colors. The stripe has become exclusive to Paul Smith and thus makes a particular design statement when featured throughout the sock.

The diamond sock has benefited from a return to popularity in the last twenty years with fashion brands such as Pringle using it in their knitwear. It has a distinctively British look that blends English heritage with contemporary British style.

Originating from the Scottish tartan of the Campbell clan led by the "Duke of Argyll", the Argyle pattern has a diamond-shaped checkerboard pattern. The classic rhombus has diagonal lines running through the diamonds to create a three-dimensional effect. The rhombus sock has a casual and sporty look that is very fashionable at the moment.