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Estate Agents Average One House Sale a Week

Monday , 18, October 2021 Comments Off on Estate Agents Average One House Sale a Week

While the current turmoil in financial markets around the world continues, let's not forget real estate agents across the country who have many properties on their books and very few clients knocking on their doors. 

The Royal Institution of Surveyors blamed a lack of mortgage funding, which has continued to make it harder for home buyers and property investors to access the property market over the past year. 

Top real estate agents and mortgage brokers struggle to secure mortgages for their clients as mortgage lenders tighten credit criteria and profiling techniques to select the best borrowers. 

Real estate agents are known to have described the current market as gloomy and very fragile, and in some areas, the market is nearly paralyzed and home regions the hardest hit.

Although many people have no intention of moving right now due to the current economic and financial situation, there are still many who need to move or buy a new home for a variety of reasons.

When we need a real estate agent, most people usually choose a local real estate agent or look it up in the phone book. Very few people will actually research to get the best deal from a real estate agent. Well, that has all changed! You can now compare and get quotes from real estate agents in the comfort of your home.