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Dyslexia Training – Make Primary School Teachers More Aware Of Dyslexia

Wednesday , 25, August 2021 Comments Off on Dyslexia Training – Make Primary School Teachers More Aware Of Dyslexia

Writing and reading are very important components of a primary school's curriculum. Jim Rose examined how dyslexia was recognized and supported in primary schools across the USA. 

This report was very thorough and focused on dyslexia in primary schools. You can even know more about dyslexia symptoms in children.

Other main findings

1.The Rose Review developed a new definition for dyslexia that was accepted by most of the major dyslexia agencies. This is an impressive achievement, despite historical differences in the definitions of dyslexia.

2.Teachers in primary schools across England and Wales are concerned about dyslexia. They want to know how to help students identify it. They would like to receive more training in this field.

3. It is best to provide teachers with additional training in dyslexia and not to set up a national screening process.

4. Early identification is essential. This can be achieved by adapting existing assessment frameworks in England and Wales. This framework is known as the Early Years Foundation Stage.

5.  Reading must be taught in a structured way and based on phonics. This approach is beneficial for all students, particularly those with dyslexia.

6. Numerous studies have shown that intervention for reading difficulties in children works. There are some interventions that work better than others.

7.There is ample evidence to show that dyslexic children do not respond well if they are taught how to read and write. These children need long-term support.

8. Secondary schools in England and Wales have very few effective programs to address reading difficulties. Interventions that have been implemented are limited in scope and do not consider the full range of symptoms. Interventions did not include support for personal organization skills.