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Calf Health Treatment & Care

Friday , 30, April 2021 Comments Off on Calf Health Treatment & Care

Proper care of a sick calf is important for several reasons. First, sick calves grow and develop more slowly because their energy is used to fight disease. Sick calves spread disease to other animals. With proper calf health, you have the best chance that the sick calf will recover quickly, gain normal weight, and be no longer a carrier of infectious viruses and bacteria.

Here we discuss in brief about best calf additive for health and growth :

Pain Management for Calf Health – An often overlooked aspect of caring for sore calves is managing pain. In most animals, including calves, pain causes a response very similar to stress. A common symptom of pain or stress is loss of appetite. Since proper nutrition is essential for the calf's recovery, there is an incentive to manage pain so that the animal can eat properly.

Calf Health

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Determine the right drug to treat the calf – This may seem obvious, but using the right medication is essential when caring for sick calves. Sometimes owners are tempted to manage common symptoms with medications at their disposal. 

However, it is important to treat the cause, not the symptoms. For example, calf washing has a variety of causes, although all of them lead to common symptoms of loose stools and diarrhea. 

It is difficult to treat calves from parasites (the cause of the abrasions in the calves before) if the current cause of the rash is food-related. You can even search online for more information about calf health.