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Best Ways to Apply Self Tanners

Saturday , 10, July 2021 Comments Off on Best Ways to Apply Self Tanners

We are all fortunate these days with the availability of self tanners because of their ability to achieve a perfectly safe tan. The sun is played with (DHA) dihydroxyacetone, which then reacts with the amino acids of the top most layer of the skin to achieve the tanning color.

Chances are you've used a self tanner before therefore the chances are you've had some streaking, orange fingers or even palms. Thanks to today's products and application methods which make it harder to make those mistakes.

Self tanners can give you the natural sun kissed look if it's applied properly. The only drawback with self tanners is that the color fades and you need to reapply it every other day to keep the tan.

Most of us have gone through the trial and error process to achieve the best look using certain products and application methods. Below are some tips to help you with your self tanning process:

  • Experiment with a small area at first. Certain self tanners look natural and great on one person but tend to make someone else look orange. Test a small area before you apply it on your entire body. Wait 24 hours for the results to see how the color works on you. If you like the results of this particular self tanner then you can apply it and repeat the process to go as dark as you want. Remember always to not experiment before an important event.
  • Follow your skin. The way the self tanner is applied makes a whole difference as well. If you have an oily skin, then gels, lotions, and sprays might work better for you, and if you have a dry skin, then creams and heavier lotions are your best choice.