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Benefits of Covid 19 Vaccination

Wednesday , 17, November 2021 Comments Off on Benefits of Covid 19 Vaccination

Vaccines can save lives and help reduce transmissions according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Scientists and government authorities have been guiding and requesting people to wear masks and maintain social distance to reduce the possibility of getting exposed to the COVID-19 virus and avoid spreading it to others.

But, to further curb the spread of the virus and save lives, vaccines play an important role. You can get the Covid 19 vaccine via

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1. Prepares the immune system:

Vaccines train and prepare your body's natural defenses or immune system to recognize and fight the virus. After the vaccination, if the body is later exposed to the virus, it is immediately ready to fight and destroy them to prevent illness.

2. None of the vaccines make you sick with COVID-19:

One of the most common queries people ask is, "Can a COVID-19 vaccine make us sick with COVID-19?"

None of the vaccines has the live virus, so there is no possibility of you being sick with COVID-19.

3. Curbs the pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic spread:

A certain population doesn't show symptoms so vaccination becomes all the more important.

There are two conditions:

  • Pre-symptomatic spread – people spreading the virus prior to showing symptoms.

  • Asymptomatic spread – the virus is spread by people who never show any symptoms.

The first condition is driving the spread of the virus and the latter is less common. But it is universally agreed that vaccines do reduce transmission and help in these conditions.