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Become a Video Game Programmer

Wednesday , 22, September 2021 Comments Off on Become a Video Game Programmer

For many, working as a video game programmer at a famous development studio sounds like a dream job. I have been a video game programmer for seven years now and would like to share my four best tips for making this dream a reality.

What are you getting out of?

Do your research on what it takes to work at a game studio before you jump into becoming a game programmer. It's not worth wasting your time becoming a programmer just to find out that it isn't what you wanted. If you want to get more information about game art and design careers then you can pop over the link.

It takes a lot to work as a programmer for video games. It can be stressful to work long hours and meet deadlines, especially at the end of a project. Ask people in the videogame industry, whether they are online or in-person, any questions about the business. 

Make your own games

To see how it feels, you can make your own games at your home. Start with the easiest projects, as simple text games or shooters. You can grab a book about video game programming from your local bookstore. C and Java are great programming languages to begin with.

Don't try to create something too big or you'll quickly get overwhelmed. Development studios will be more likely to hire you if you have a good project or two that you can include with your resume.