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Are You Thinking About an Outdoor Wood Boiler? Read this First

Monday , 30, August 2021 Comments Off on Are You Thinking About an Outdoor Wood Boiler? Read this First

Traditional outdoor kettles/stoves are often much dirtier and less efficient than other home heating devices. Lit fires and short smoke walls from outdoor stoves can produce thick smoke near the ground, where people are more likely to inhale smoke-filled particles. 

Outdoor wood boiler device is designed to burn dry forged wood, some people use it to burn green wood, which is less efficient and produces more smoke. Others burn household waste or construction debris, releasing hazardous chemicals into the air. This practice is not only dangerous, it is often illegal.

Why & How to Choose the Best Outdoor Wood Furnace

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In an effort to control the pollution associated with traditional outdoor wood burners, the EPA has launched a voluntary program to encourage manufacturers to clean up. The new emission standard set by the EPA is 0.60 lbs of particulate matter per 1 million Btu of heat input.

This is a 66% reduction compared to the average 1.8kg roll per 1MM Btu emitted from older external oven models. In response to the new EPA standard, outdoor stove manufacturers have converted their previously smoky and inefficient stoves into smoke-free heating systems that are 87% efficient.

The method used to achieve this feat is wood gasification. The wood gasification process has been around since the 1950s, but was successfully adapted for small-scale use for the first time. Wood gasification results in a combustion chamber temperature of around 2000 degrees F. That's 800 degrees hotter than the older model and explains the higher efficiency and lower emissions.