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All About Ghana Destination

Tuesday , 17, May 2022 Comments Off on All About Ghana Destination

Ghana is a very accessible and welcoming vacation spot. The beautiful beaches along the coast may compete with those in the Seychelles or Mauritius. Ghana's gorgeous blue sea and sandy beaches are a significant lure. You can plan a holiday with a click on this and can enjoy a ghana vacation.

12 Places To Visit In Ghana In 2022 For A Heartwarming Experience

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The beaches located in and around Accra are the best and if possible seek accommodation here as the activities available in this area are great. Many of the hotels will have pools and for a safer swim, it might be advisable to use them rather than risk the undertows and riptides in the lagoons of Accra.

Sportfishing is a popular sport enjoyed by both locals and travelers alike and barracuda is prevalent in the area, so if you fancy a wrestle with a barracuda, then this could be your chance. Other water sports you can take part in are Sailing, water skiing, and diving. 

Lake Volta is a key destination for such sports, but perhaps the best place to take part would be located at Fete. This can be found west of Accra and has for a long time been the most popular water sport target.

For the nature lover then a visit to one of the many nature reserves is called for. Bia National Park, Owabi Wildlife Sanctuary, Bui National Park, Mole Game Reserve, and Kakum Nature Park are all well respected and fun options for wildlife and hiking choices. 

The rainforests in these regions are spectacular and the organized tours are greatly recommended.

The climate in Ghana is very hot and remains this way throughout the year.