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About BMW Contract Hire

Monday , 16, November 2020 Comments Off on About BMW Contract Hire

A German guy called Rapp Motoren Werke, in the outer regions of Munich, first established BMW in 1913. However, the initial company's core business was in producing airplane engines and eventually, Rapp left to form Bavarian Motor Works which is the BMW we know today.

It was in 1928 that BMW produced its first car at the Munich factory. The first car was the BMW Dixi and the top speed was only 50mph, a long way from the fast cars BMW produces these days.

The first car was a great success and a newer version was launched in 1932 and in all over 19,000 Dixi's were produced at the company's Munich factory. If you are looking for a BMW contract hire then you can visit

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However, after the initial success times were hard for BMW in the aftermath of World War II as all of BMW's factories had been destroyed and BMW suffered from a 3-year production ban imposed as a result that BMW produced rocks and bombs during the war. In 1951 BMW produced their first car after the World War however as most of Germany was still in a recession the model did not sell over 500.

In the intervening years, BMW launched a range of other models and each was further successful on the one before. Today BMW has a range of top cars. The BMW 1 series is a very desirable car with a great range of security and safety and is considered one of the best-equipped cars in the market at present.