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A Game for Speedy Business Transformation

Friday , 18, February 2022 Comments Off on A Game for Speedy Business Transformation

When you're sick and tired of not getting important things done or not pulling in enough money, it's time to play a game. Games have a specific outcome, structure, and rules by which to play.

If you're ready to stop feeling whiny in a super short time frame, play the "Yes, I Can" game. It's simple but mighty. The objective of this game is to step into a Rock star CEO mindset and make some crazy cool things happen.

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Here's how you play:

Every time you wish something could be possible in your business, feel like a loser because something isn't working, or make choices in your business from a place of lack, you have to stop and consciously choose your desired outcome instead.

Your Gremlin may attack you by saying…

• Yea, right. How is that going to happen?

• You don't have enough money to make it happen.

• You don't have the knowledge or resources.

• You don't have enough time to pull that off.

You reply with, "YES. I CAN!"

The next step is to decide if you're ready to have the desired outcome. Sounds crazy, but maybe you're not really ready to have what you want. Being honest about it will create relief and clarity.

If you're not ready, then be at peace with that choice and move on to an outcome you are ready to manifest.